It’s secretive. Mysterious. And, at times - experimental. The rare and

unusual are commonplace here. The proof of the past finds the present. Long

lost spirits are brought back to life. We craft what others fear. we

distill the essence of awe. And while others play it safe - we bottle only

the purest fire. Yes, behind this door it’s anything but ordinary. And it’s

all the more reason to knock.


UPComing Events

 We are thrilled to be launching the Dark Door Spirits brand at the 2nd annual Whiskey Tampa Foxtrot on October 20th at Epicurean. We will be pouring our Spirit of IPA publicly for the very first time!

This event is already an iconic whiskey fest with over 200 brands represented and we are honored to be included! If you are WTF, please come open the door to a uniquely crafted whiskey spirit.